What is AlzKB?

AlzKB is a knowledge base summarizing what is known about Alzheimer's Disease drugs, genes, pathways, and other biological entities. The knowledge base is implemented as a graph database (using Neo4j), which offers many distinct advantages over traditional relational databases and non-graph formatted representations of biomedical knowledge. As of January 24th 2024, ALZKB is at version 1.2.0, and its github repo is found at: ALZKB Github

The knowledge in AlzKB is sourced from a large set of diverse, publicly available biomedical databases. Currently, AlzKB includes data from the following sources:

*included via Hetionet


If you use AlzKB, please cite:

Romano J, Truong V, Kumar R, Venkatesan M, Graham B, Hao Y, Matsumoto N, Li X, Wang Z, Ritchie M, Shen L, Moore J

The Alzheimer’s Knowledge Base: A Knowledge Graph for Alzheimer Disease Research
J Med Internet Res 2024;26:e46777
DOI: 10.2196/46777
PMID: 38635981
URL: https://www.jmir.org/2024/1/e46777